JKN291 Right-Handed Carvin' Jack 2.0


Made in the USA

Ships for Free


The Flexcut Carvin' Jack® 2.0 is the first folding multi-tool designed specifically for the needs of woodcarvers. At 4.4 ounces and a closed length of 4-1/4", this jackknife features 6 blade profiles. Our 2.0 version has a new cross-etched, aerospace aluminum handle. We’ve also replaced the chisel blade with a pelican knife to provide greater versatility.

Blades included: Detail Knife, Pelican Knife, Hook Knife (Radius = .75”), Straight Gouge, Gouge Scorp, and V-Scorp.

Choose a right-handed knife if you are right-handed and carve with the blade towards yourself. If you carve away from yourself choose a left-handed knife. Left-handers should choose the inverse.

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